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audit.jpgArticle: Audit Information

Who loves the IRS? Probably very few of us.

The numbers probably diminish when you start asking the folks who have undergone an IRS audit. I've been audited twice (the easy paper variety) and I still appreciate the IRS (love might be too strong a word), but my tune would probably change on a full-fledged audited with a revenue agent.

It'd be easy to cast the IRS as the villain, as a heartless entity seeking to punish honest hardworking people, but at the end of the day, the IRS is concerned about one thing: generating revenue. They don't make the tax laws; they simply enforce and collect on them. With all the political talk about debts and deficits, you'd think more politicians would laud the IRS for their efforts to more accurate collect tax revenue ... right?

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Six myths that lead to worker misclassification

These myths may give employers an unwarranted sense of security, and they can have costly consequences.

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